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Frequently Asked Questions

Service and Support

We will collaborate with you for long term success of your business. We will always strive for making your IT
experience better and affordable. We will keep you updated with our scheduled reporting system so that
you are aware of all the statistics of all your business elements.

Each member of Delnest Technologies is committed to your project. Our team always puts the clients’
interests first. There will never be a time when you will find any mystery fees for time and material.

Not a Chance! Our billing systems are very transparent and easy to understand. There will be a clear and
justifiable explanation for each and every charge. No hidden fee.

The turnaround time for our technician response is contingent upon the mode of communications 15
minutes for support call, 1 hour for an email, its almost instant with chat support.

No! Our support technicians speak plain English and are very easy to understand. They do not use any technical jargon while explaining things to our end users. They are  professionally trained for communication and soft skills before they are onboarded.

Every Single time. Our Engineers are available for support from 8AM to 5 PM (EST). Your calls will be answered by real technicians. We have provision for emergency support after hours and on weekends as well.

Network Maintenance

We use ITIL framework for all the operational elements in our project. Each and every step is well defined. You will be getting a schedule for all the planned activities upgrades /changes well in advance. We deploy a governing body who ensures that all the communications, changes, health checks are done as per the set guidelines.

Securing your business information is our number one priority. Everything which is critical to your business is on top of our list to be taken care of. We have a very transparent mechanism to ensure that every piece of information, passwords, software licenses etc are fully secured and under your control at all times.

We prepare a detailed roster for all the engineers working on your project. We ensure that every resource has a backup. All the leaves are planned well in advance and we ensure that we have enough people to support in case anyone takes an emergency leave.

By watching over your network remotely, we can pinpoint and resolve any security issues, before they become real problems for your company.

Absolutely. When you choose an all-inclusive support plan from Delnest Technologies, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive IT service and support at a flat rate you can count on. Just be sure you’re aware of what’s included in your plan and you’ll never have another budgeting surprise again!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We plan data backups as per your business needs, daily, weekly, monthly. In the event of any mishap your data well be fully recovered. We also do test and restoration from time to time for checking the reliability of our mechanisms.

We will back up everything on your network before performing upgrades or implementing new systems, just in case there is a glitch during the process.

Not a chance. Our help desk services are always kept in house, so you will get the support you need from the experts you trust the most.

We make a point of employing only the very best engineers, all of whom are required to take part in training sessions, earn the latest certifications and provide deep expertise on every step of the way.

Every time. We always show up on time; and in case there is a probability of our engineers  getting late due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will inform you as soon as possible.