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Experiences with Virtualization

Does your IT hardware take up most of your office space, Does your IT technician get entangled in wires when he enters the data closet…Then virtualization is answer to all your questions. In todays world spending a fortune on hardware is not a wise business decision. With Virtualization, your IT processes become prolific with technology that is brought to you from offsite by Delnest technologies.

Some of the features of our Virtualization program includes:

  • Better Disaster Management : Your entire IT is virtualized and decentralized so in case of any unforeseen event, Floods, Fire, Pandemic etc, your operations will still be running, business as usual.
  • Eco friendly : Our solutions will help you reduce your carbon footprints by minimizing the power requirements to run your IT operations.
  • Resource optimization : With all your servers and switches will be virtualized so you have plenty options to use your financial and other resources to apply to your critical processes.

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