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VOIP Phone Services

VOIP, Designed and Operated
by professionals committed
to your success

VOIP Telephony Solutions from Delnest, your very own, in house telephone exchange which is scalable, reliable and with tons of features. Welcome to the world of IP Telephony .In today’s world where you have a global workforce which is running your business 24/7, you need a telephony system which is secure, highly available and has a global reach. It doesn’t matter if your employee is in California or London, Dubai or India, you have one integrated telephony for all locations.

Our hosted VoIP telephony solutions help you reduce upfront cost up to 50%.If you already have a legacy PBX solution we can help you upgrade it to VoIP. With our solutions you get some amazing features which your legacy telephony system can’t provide like extension mobility, Single number reach, Mobile voice telephone, call park, Video Phones, Advance conferencing solutions

VOIP Telephony Services Include:

  • Single Site & Multi Site Call processing design.
  • PBX/Legacy Telephony system integration
  • Unified Communication, Voicemail, Chat, Meetings & IP Telephony all integrated in once solution
  • Tons of features like Call park, Auto Attendant, Call Queues, IVR, Instant Messaging, Call Screening and many more.

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